Sierra Astrology, Everyday Astrology for Everyone

Sierra Astrology, Everyday Astrology for Everyone

Sierra Astrology

Everyday Astrology for Everyone.

Welcome! My name is Ryan Chavira, and my dream is to provide real life astrology that is practical, and empowering.  No matter what you do, or what background you come from, Sierra Astrology is here to provide compassionate, meaningful and accurate astrological readings specially for you!

About Me

My studies of astrology started only in 2017. I discovered astrology during a time of immense stress. Maybe like you, I was looking for answers, I personally needed more depth and understanding in what I was really doing here on earth.  Astrology opened my mind and eyes to a new world, one in which was immediately recognizable and made sense to me. Today my life and world view has completely change. Seeing the archetypes of the planets in every aspect of my daily life truly is an amazing feeling.

What is Astrology?


 Astrology is watching the movement of the planets in the sky and translating it symbolically to our life on earth. The moment we were born each planet was in a sign, and house based on your position on earth, and your time of birth, this is your birth chart. Using your birth chart, you can navigate the weather that life sends our way.  Email me at [email protected] with any questions or use the contact page from the top menu on what astrology is and how it can help you!

Check out my weekly Horoscope. Every Monday get an update on what’s going on in the sky and how it can affect you. An overall horoscope for the collective. Its a fun way to follow the drama in the sky! You can really dive in with my new sign by sign horoscope. Below the collective horoscope you will find each rising sign and a detailed horoscope for the week ahead. This is not your Sun sign horoscope, this is your rising sign horoscope.  Go to the birth chart calculator, and find the sign that is on thew cusp of the first house. This is your rising sign, find your rising sign in the horoscope and follow each week for the most out of this website. If you need help email me and I will find it for you. [email protected]

Astrology Blog

Check out my thoughts on transits, experiences with the planets. Read some of the ways you can encounter astrology in your everyday life. Look out here for live public events.

Birth Chart Tools

Using this website, you can get some ideas on how the planets, signs and houses all come together in your life. First go to Astro seek free birth chart calculator, you will need your birth time, and place. Under the calculate button go to the extended house system settings and change the house system to whole sign, this makes it a little easier. Find your planets find what signs they are in, and what house, then put your storey together, and see how the planets play roles in your life.


Email me at [email protected] and let me know how I can help. you can also use the contact page on the top of the menu. We can do an overall reading of your birth chart, or we can look a specific area of life. I have a big astrological toolbox and will get to the bottom of your concern.  Email me any questions you have about my service, after purchasing a consultation email me your questions, I will email you a pdf format report of my analysis, then schedule time to go over the report and answer any questions you might have. We can talk in person, email, video chat, or over the phone.  Discover what the planets have to say about you!

Personal Horoscope

Each month you have the opportunity to get a completley customized personal horoscope that is created only for you. We must have your birth time, date and location in order to give the most complete accurate horoscope available. This is not your normal Sun sign horoscope, this horoscope is based on real time transits that are unique to you, and you only. This horoscope is analyzed using sources from traditional text. Deadline will apply, in order to get your horoscope out to you by the 1rst of the month.