5 Way Astrology Can Help You

5 Way Astrology Can Help You

5 Ways Astrology Can Help You

1.Know yourself

know yourself

Of course, you know yourself. Know what you’re capable of. By studying your birth chart, you will come to see that some of your biggest struggles can be avoided by recognizing them as they start. The tortoise would never beat the hare in a race, but before the race the tortoise looked up his birth chart and noticed he is persistent, so he took a chance. Finding your strongest quality in your birth chart will help you focus on it and recognize it when in action. Knowing that you’re capable of depression and recognizing when it’s triggered can help just by understanding this is who you are, it’s no one else’s fault, not even yours. Let’s say someone is very angry all the time. We would look at Mars in our charts, because he symbolizes anger. We then see what part of life he is causing this anger, then we try to turn anger into something more productive that Mars is capable of, like working out. If exercise relieves frustration, then you are now working with Mars in your chart to benefit yourself. Now this won’t change you from being an angry person, or popping off, your Mars will always stay where he is at in your birth chart, but by recognizing it and working with it, things get better. Of course, you know yourself, though astrology can dig deeper, astrology can help you recognize those pesky patterns we get caught up in.

2. Cycles


A very important part of life is that everything changes, just like the planets in the sky. As each planet brings us new lessons and experiences, they are always preparing for the next lesson to come. The planets do not stop moving, they are on cycles, these cycles never change, just like the Sun moves into different signs of the Zodiac every couple of months each planet does as well at different speeds. Getting caught up in a bad period when everything is going wrong, and nothing is working out your way can be horrible. To know that it’s just a passing cycle can give someone peace of mind during a tough time. You can see repeating themes in your lives and time them based on the planet cycles. We can look in the past and far into the future knowing that these planets are like a clock that does not change. Taking advantage of good times, and weathering the bad times, knowing that neither will last forever is way astrology can help you.

3. Timing


When a farmer plants a seed, they would like to do it on a full moon or a new Moon, to give the seed that extra push to help break the surface, this is election astrology. President Regan would give speeches at odd times and days based on his astrologer’s advice. When planets are in strong positions in the sky, it’s a great time to participate in their activities here on earth. For example, if Mercury was very strong in the sky it would be a great time to write a paper, or read a book, because Mercury represents these things. If Mercury was weak and retrograde, we might find it very hard to concentrate, and unable to read or write without extra effort. Taking a vacation is wonderful but can turn ugly really quick if something goes wrong, using astrology you can find a perfect vacation time and avoid the break downs. The creation of a business, or the creation of a marriage, and just about everything has a birth chart. If you were getting married and were able to choose a day, you would want to find a day where at least Venus is very strong, because Venus represents love and marriage. When you say I do, wherever Venus is in the sky will stay forever in your Marriage birth chart. Choosing auspicious times to act is a great way to use astrology.

4. Relationships


Understanding that you are who you are can be rewarding in a relationship. Lots of couples break up because change is forced on one partner by the other. It is impossible to forcefully change who you are. Knowing in a relationship that those little things that irritate you about your partner can’t be changed can be a relief. Instead of spending countless hours arguing over who should change, we can use astrology to compromise. Again, this is recognizing what you and your partner have trouble with and working together to solve it. The universe sets us up with partners and relationships to learn about the qualities that are absent in ourselves. This is hard to deal with sometimes when you feel that you and your partner are not on the same page, but astrology shows that you’re not even reading the same book, and that’s fine, we share and learn with each other. Astrology can help us accept people for who they are, even if they are different from us.

5. Spirtual practice

spiritual practice

When you start getting into astrology a whole new world opens up, it’s a deep rabbit hole full of spiraling symbols and crazy names. If we slow down, and take it one planet at a time, we will start to see the archetypes of the planets all around us. Realizing that so much is connected like a chain, and everything bounces in harmony around us every day is a great way to approach life. It’s not that the planets are shooting rays of energy down to earth, nor are they like giant gods looking down at us from above, laughing and plotting our demise. It’s a communication with you and the divine universe. Understanding the symbolism of the planets is learning the language of the Earth. The simple characteristics of the elements in astrology is enough to spend months decoding, but if we take it one step at a time, we will soon become immersed in the language of the stars. When we stop, unwind, let go of the daily stress that fills our head like the kitchen junk drawer, we are left alone with our spirit, and our surroundings. In that quiet place in nature lives the goddess of love Venus, Behind the old dying oak tree hides Saturn. They are all around us and are always speaking to us, taking the time to listen can strengthen our spirit. Astrology can help us get in touch with our spirit.

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