Category: Horoscope June 2022

Weekly Horoscope June 27th-July 3rd

This week’s horoscope brings us the best new moon of the year. Tuesday the moon makes her way into the happy harbor of Cancer the crab. The Moon is at home here in Cancer, {…}

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Weekly Horoscope June 20th-26th

This weeks horoscope brings the summer solstice and the Suns ingress to the Cardinal sign of Cancer the crab. The house Cancer falls in our birth chart will show what we protect, what we {…}

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Weekly Horoscope June 6th-12th

This week’s horoscope we find ourselves busy, moving forward, juggling our daily activities. Mercury, the planet of communication, technology, transportation, commerce, money, trade and much more is now moving direct again. Mercury entered 28 {…}

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