The Houses

The Houses

The Houses

 Your birth chart is divided into 12 houses, in a whole sign system there is one sign for each house. There are many house systems, I begin with Placidus, my teacher used Regiomontonus, and after really following my chart, I leaned towards whole sign. Every house system works, it’s just like a different language, all having the same meaning. Everyone has a rising degree, let’s say your rising degree was 21 degrees Scorpio, this would make Scorpio your first house and all the planets that are in Scorpio are now in your first house. Your second house would be Sagittarius, your third house Capricorn, and so on. Each house represents a part of life, an experience of life. Each house has many meaning just like the planets. If a planet was an actor in a play, they would receive a new role in each house. We will look at some significations of the houses here

First house

houses astrology

This is the ship you sail in, it’s your rising sign. The first house tells everything about you, your character, attitude, appearance, health. It’s important to find the ruling planet of this house, any transits to this planet will affect you directly. The first house and the sign in it describes you the best, more than your Sun sign does. In horary the first house always represents the person asking the question. In the first house we can find changes to our body, our image. If Venus transits through the first house, we might get a haircut or a full-blown make over, if Mars transits here, we can find our self-moving faster, or with a shorter temper. The first house begins the zodiac, and is an angular house, it’s a house starting things, or initiating something. This house is your identity, you will identify with your rising sign. If you have planets in the first house these planets will have a huge role in the way you are, the way you act and live, this house tells everything about you!

Second house

second house

In the second house we start gathering resources. This is the house of the things we need to survive, as well as the things we simply want. What’s funny about this house is you spend a lot of time and money gathering the worldly possessions we desire, then Saturn parks his butt here for two years and takes all our fancy toys away, and what we are left with is our true talents that will carry on forever, unlike our toys.  Our shelter, our clothes, our food, anything we need to sustain life. This house will also tell you how you make your money, and how you spend it. Money and what you can do with it are key to the second house. Planets here will show a lot about what you have in this life, say Jupiter is here you might have too much stuff that it gets you in trouble, Mercury here might show possessions coming and going.   This is a succedent house, it comes next after the powerful angular first house, not as strong as an angular house but the actions here are worthy, you will retain things in a succedent house. We think a lot about the future and what we might need to survive it. What do you value? Depending on the planets and sign in this house it can vary, some value their books like others value their freedom, this is the house we put a price tag on everything.

Third house

third house astrology

 This is the house of communication, siblings, and your neighborhood. This house is cadent, there is a lot of wasted time and energy in this house, it’s hard for things to stick in this house. This house represents your grade school, your early leanings, anything you learn for the first time. Everyday travel lives in the 3rd house, as well as the instruments we use to travel, boats, buses, cars, planes, trains. Commerce, trade, communication tools like the internet, phones, signs. This is the house where we put to use the possessions we gained in the second house. Your siblings, cousins, friends, the guy at the gas station you see every day, the girl at the toll booth, your neighbor, people you see a lot! Alternative religion lives in the third, as does your first experiences with religion, your early learning, where your grandmother took you to church and how you felt about it. Writing books, or making movies, broadcasting on the radio, Facebook, web pages all stay here in the third. The Moon is at its joy in this house because she is always moving, everything in the third house is mobile, it’s the mind, the thought process, man this is a busy house. You can learn a completely new subject, create a website, or start a delivery service with a major transit in this house. The major significations are communication, transportation, people you see every day. Lots of movement here.

Fourth house

fourth house

In the fourth house we find ourselves in the deepest part of the chart. Our homes are signified by the fourth house, our land, our property, where we go to sleep at night. In traditional astrology the fourth house represents our father, in my situation thus far this is true, but it could represent your mother, or both. This house has to do with things underground, things that are hidden, the unseen, like those emotions we stuff way down deep and shut the basement door on. This house is said to be the end of matter, it’s the place where we turn off the light at night. It’s our private life, when we shut the door, draw the curtains, turn off the phone, the sign and planets in your fourth house will show your attitude and life in these areas.  This house is the beginning of another angular sign, this is a strong house, planets here will stand out and act quick but being in the 4th house its more of a personal home, or family type of action. This house is your personal life away from the public.

Fifth house

fifth house

 This house is the joy of Venus, because she loves pleasure and having fun! Like the second house this house is succedent, we use what was gained from the fourth house.  Now imagine inheriting your fathers nest egg, then blowing it on gambling, risky investments, vacations, things that make you feel really good. This house covers children and creativity. Our children were our creations, we send them off into the world, art is a creation, anything you use your own talents and skills to create lives here in the 5th house. The planets that rules this house, its placement and aspects will tell you a lot about your relationship with your child. Romance is a key signification in the fifth house, committed relationships are seventh house, here we find romantic relationships with no commitment other then to pleasure and fun. Pleasure of the body also includes what we eat and drink, a major transit to the fifth house can see you eating more, you can also find someone who drinks way to much on the bar stool at the fifth house. Over all this house represents the things we enjoy to create, our children, pleasure, and fun.

Sixth house

It’s clean up time!  Now that everyone has left from the parties, we had in the fifth house it’s time to put the home back together. This is a cadent house like the third house, a lot goes on here, but it’s a lot of busy work, things that need to be done. Traditionally this was the house of forced labor. Today our jobs for some people might feel like forced labor. When you are spending ten hours a day at a job because you need to pay your bills, you’re deep in the sixth house. This house also represents service, like a nurse, a fireman, an astrologer, you are providing a service to someone in the sixth house. A big topic in the sixth is health. A Saturn transit through your sixth house could restrict it, slow your health down, a disease can occur in the sixth house. Saturn also can show a serious approach to your health. Mars transiting through the 6th house can get you into the gym. Small pets find their home in the sixth house, smaller than a horse. Our little companions are huge parts in our life’s, A new moon in your sixth house can find you at the pet shop. Making your bed, keeping your area clean, staying organized, are all sixth house topics. To nail this house down we have work that has to be done, our health we have to manage, and the pets we have to take care of.

Seventh house

 “Love and marriage, it goes together like a horse and carriage” The Sun sets in the seventh house, this is where day meets night, the sunset is a beautiful representation of a relationship. We find our close relationships here, our partners, people we are committed to. This can be a marriage partner, a business partner, even close enemies fall in this house. Clients and customers are part of the seventh. A close competitor, someone that’s on your mind daily, your team. The seventh house is an angular house, it’s strong, but not really for you but your partner. Now we are in the part of the sky describing other people. Each house has polar opposite meanings. The first house was you; this house is the other you, what you’re not.  A big transit here can certainly affect your partner, or bring a new partner, also a relationship ending is seen here. The ruling planet in this chart represents your partner. To boil down in the seventh house we have partners of all kinds.

Eight house

Here is where we are introduced to the dark, it gets cold in here, we are aware of something we are losing, because of what we have gained from the 7th house. Let’s say we get married, and our identity begins to change because of our new committed relationship, our friends slowly disappear, our habits change, everything is transforming. We sacrifice a lot in this house, we give up to another here, we lose what we thought was ours in this house. After giving up what we used to be part of us for another we get that real ugly feeling of possessiveness, and jealousy, and fear. That dark thought we feel when we are afraid to lose another, the process of abandonment. Not really much good to say about the 8th house, it does represent inheritance from a partner, or money from clients, or your partner’s money can be seen in this house. This house is also the house of debt, other people’s money that you borrow.  Think of this house as a necessary death, when a big transit happens here, you’re not going to die! But you might be faced with the topics of death, a part of who you are might die. The changes made here are usually painful, dramatic, emotional, deep, its real ugly house, but very necessary.

Ninth house

ninth house

 The house of God. The ninth house represents long distant travel, higher education and religion.  After everything has been shed in the eighth house, we are free to seek and explore in the ninth. This is the house where we load up our horses and set out on a quest for knowledge, we are optimistic in this house, we have faith in our journeys, our beliefs, our visions and dreams. Religion takes hold in the 9th house, you can find religious leaders here, planets here can show our attitudes towards religion. Higher knowledge is a key to the ninth house. We find colleges, professors, judges and people who really strive in education. Astrology is huge in the ninth, our urge to know how the universe works. You might be a truck driver with your Sun in the ninth house, or a pastor with Jupiter in the ninth, or a teacher with Saturn here. Your world view is part of the ninth house, how you were taught the world works. The Sun finds its joy in the ninth house, the sun loves to illuminate, in the ninth house we are illuminated. At night before you go to bed some worry about finances, some relationships, some health, for a ninth house person to rest easy at night they must know how this world operates.

Tenth house

tenth house

The King calls the tenth house his castle. The way we are seen in the public is the tenth house, may it be a mother, a hard worker, a liar, your public reputation. tenth house rules government, authority, anyone who can tell you what to do, except your wife, that’s the seventh house. Your boss, a policeman, a tax collector, the dang parking enforcer, to the fish and game warden, anyone who can bust you lives here in the tenth. Career is a big tenth house theme. There are a lot of jobs that lead to your career, those jobs are sixth house, tenth house is the end game job, this is where you become in charge, you reach that highest point. After all the knowledge and experience gained from the ninth house now we put it to work in the tenth. This is an angular house, its very strong and public, when the Sun travels through this house he is at the highest point of the sky, this is a very visible house. The fourth house is a hidden house, and rules your father, one reason why is because traditionally your father is usually gone working. Your mother is usually the one you are seen with in early life, and has authority over you therefore your mother is ruled by the tenth. This house gives recognition, for good or for bad, you will see your accomplishments here. This house  is fit for a king.

Eleventh house

eleventh house

This is the house of hopes and wishes, friends, and common goals. After we have gained some power and authority from the tenth house it’s time to spread the love. We want everyone to win in the eleventh, and everyone is here to help us win in this house. You find friends here, the ones who change your life, those true friends that will do anything for you. Groups of people getting together for a common goal trample through this house. It’s hard to stop a team of people working together for the common good, this is a great house where you can realize your dreams with the help from others. A sports team would fall in the eleventh, because it’s a group competing together to win. Planets and the sign in this house will show your function and place in a group setting. Hopes and dreams most of the time not realized in life, sometimes they are. The thought of what we would do, and who we would make happy if we were holding the winning lottery ticket lives in the mighty eleventh house.

Twelfth house

In this house we give back, we return to source, it’s the going home, our real homes. This house is hidden, the unseen, where we disconnect from reality. This is the cave one goes to think. Our closets, our traumas, the unaddressed call home in the twelfth. Your hidden enemies are part of the twelfth, those who secretly wish harm against you, those who are jealous of you have a room here. If the sixth house is small pets this house is large animals, like elephants and giraffes, could be involved with animals with planets here. This house deals with isolation, depression, exile, those moments when it’s just you and your mind. Being prisoned, being hospitalized, a rehab home, secluded, the cab of a big rig, no man’s land all show up in the twelfth. We have completed our cycle within in the zodiac here, this house is the end. The thoughts of afterlife, the realization we are all one, the harmony of completion, the fear of the unknown. We undo ourselves here, we release our spirits. We can find ourselves really sick here, bed ridden, on the verge of death. Planets here can show addiction, suffering, self inflicted pain. We do transcend here, we meditate, we find spirituality. The twelfth employs servants of the sick, weak, and poor, we can work in a retirement home, a prison, mental asylum’s. Most fear the afterlife, here we must face it.

Check out the Planets, and learn more about the Signs, after you look at your own birth chart

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