Weekly Horoscope June 20th-26th

Weekly Horoscope June 20th-26th

This weeks horoscope brings the summer solstice and the Suns ingress to the Cardinal sign of Cancer the crab. The house Cancer falls in our birth chart will show what we protect, what we guard, it shows where we hang our heart. The story goes that the crab was sent to attack Hercules during one of his twelve labors by the jealous wife of Jupiter, Juno. The crab was crushed by Hercules and killed, out of honor for the crab’s loyalty Juno placed him the stars. Here we see Cancer has to do with sacrifice, loyalty, tenacity, and courage. Like a crashing wave in the ocean, cancer rushed towards projects, initiating new ventures in a brave way. With the Sun entering the sign of Cancer our direction shifts toward security, safety, and well being for those around us. Venus the planet of love and beauty will enter Gemini after a long stay in her home sign of Taurus. Venus doesn’t mind hanging out in the house that Gemini built, there is so much to say, do and see. Venus in Gemini is like a big party, everyone is well dressed, music is good, food is great, and the company is outstanding. Currently Mercury is at home in Gemini, and will welcome Venus with open arms. When the ruler of a sign is at home, and a planet comes to visit, that planet gets a very nice boost of energy while the ruler of the sign is at home. Imagine going to your buddy’s house but he’s gone, he says just make sure to clean up, follow the rules and lock the door on the way out. Now imagine going to your buddy’s house and he swings open the door and welcomes you with a big hug, that’s what we have here. It’s going to be a good couple weeks for getting out and meeting people. Friendly conversations should be flying around, smiles, waves, kind gestures, should be plenty. The Moon will join Mercury and Venus this weekend in the sign of Gemini making it a perfect weekend to get out and enjoy yourself with friends and family. Expect the playfulness to poke its head out of its shell this week. Watch for the shift on Tuesday as the Sun leaves Gemini and enters cancer, And Thursday as Venus leaves Taurus and falls into Gemini. Feel the astrological weather change, go with the flow, don’t fight the wind, just let it blow.

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