Weekly horoscope March 28th-April 3rd 2022

Weekly horoscope March 28th-April 3rd 2022

Weekly horoscope March 28th- April 3rd 2022


This week’s horoscope begins with a Saturn Venus union. Saturn is the timekeeper, the master teacher, and Venus our desire, our taste for beauty. After today Venus is free from Saturn and Mars, and on her way to the promised land with Jupiter for April. Monday we can find an old couple holding hands in the grocery store, or admire the silver hair on our heads, or maybe a love from the past fills our mind. Saturn and Venus share the same opinion of fairness and judgment, making hard decisions with loved ones can come up, or letting go. After this very appropriate meeting with Saturn, Venusian aspects of life like love relationships, joy, will all get a boost. Tuesday the Moon floats through the mystical sign of Pisces, preparing Jupiter for his meeting with the god of the sea, Neptune. Pay attention Tuesday, we can get a taste of April 12th, this is when Jupiter Neptune conjunct in Pisces, I know I’m looking forward to this day. On Thursday the Moon skids into the sign of the ram and runs right into Mercury. Now that Mercury is in Aries our communication, our thought process, and our everyday business will feel like it’s heating up. We can be more up front, a little louder, and have a pick-up in our pace, the Moon will highlight this on Thursday. This happens right before our New Moon in Aries. This new Moon we are starting something that requires some courage, speed, and action. The ruler of Aries, Mars, is getting closer to Saturn. This new Moon really looks like a battle plan. On Saturday Mercury goes to cazimi in Aries, this is when a planet is in the heart of the Sun, Mercury is being energized, in the Assertive sign of Aries. When a planet reaches the center of the Sun, they are said to be reborn, we call this cazimi. This happens on Saturday at 3:57 pm and last to 4:19 pm Sierra time, see what happens! A lot of action in a fire sign will light things up in your world, Fire is life, creation, we will be full of life with this new Moon. Because the new Moon is in Aries and the ruler is the terminator Mars, expect action with reaction, people in your way, fire energy brings arguments, pressure, be ready to act! The Moon will be in the Lazy sign of the Bull on Sunday, if we get a chance to relax, enjoy your comforts whatever they might be. On Monday Mars is our action and Will meets Saturn, our responsibilities. Don’t be a busy bee if you don’t have to, we are going to need to rest Sunday. ¬†

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