Weekly Horoscope May 16th-22nd

Weekly Horoscope May 16th-22nd

This week’s horoscopes leaves us dazed and confused. The eclipse season is dragging out, it was a heavy accumulation with the moon being extinguished in the sign of her fall Scorpio. Something was lost, thrown back, left for another time. While this eclipse was happening this past weekend Saturn was front and center, the weight of responsibility is looming. Jupiter was living the life while at home In pieces since the beginning of the year, as the eclipse went down he was shunned into the hot den of Aries. We are in a very different scene now, pieces are falling together, we are not the same. We do have one lone soldier still finding his way through the misty waters of Pisces, Mars. We have had Venus, Mercury, Jupiter the Sun, all make contact with Neptune this year, and now Mars makes the last stand. We have been befuddled, lied to, we had our hopes high, our love was that of fairy tales, all because of Neptune. Like the waves in a choppy sea, and gloomy day, where it’s hard to tell the water from the sky, if you are up or down,  we were confused, lost, we have been hit by the waves of neptune. Like riding waves, and then crashing down through the seafoam and swirling rapids of the ocean, we were lifted high, and now face the harsh consequences of drifting off course. Was it worth it? Was the thrill so grand and the pain of the let down ok? A soldier is left, and is about to do battle with Neptune. Mars will collide with the god of the sea this week. Our drive, our goals, our will power could be diverted, we could be led off course, there is one more fight to stay grounded. We could be frustrated by what has happened in our new lives, we  might not yet see the positive sides that will show years from now. For some of us it could be easy to escape our problems with drugs or alcohol, or be totally oblivious intentionally. It could be hard this week to come to sense with everything, but fear not ! Mars enters his home sign of Aries on May 24th, the slump will be over, Mars will get his groove back and so will your focus, drive, and energy. Hang on one more time as the soldier ties the ends that bind, have faith in him, have faith in your power to choose.

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