Weekly Astrology Horoscope May 2nd-8th 2022

Weekly Astrology Horoscope May 2nd-8th 2022

Weekly Horoscope May 2nd-8th


Weekly Horoscope May 2nd- 8th

The weekly horoscope finds Venus, our beautiful queen returning from the ball in a pumpkin carriage. Our need to bond and enjoy the company of family and friends was really at its peak last week. I took time to notice the magnificent beauty of Rock Creek and Bishop creek, I spent it with my family, we made memories that will last. Maybe you had the chance to learn something new, or you were blessed with a feeling a safety. Venus was at the ball with Jupiter this last week somewhere in our lives, it was everything that you can imagine, or hoped for, it was perfect. Knowing astrology, we know that everything changes, now Venus must ride it out in the harsh head-butting sign of the Ram, Aries. Venus enters Aries on Monday and dances within the flame, until the 28th. Here in Aries Venus chops her hair off, throws on a faded jean jacket, lights a cigarette and gets a little rowdy. With Mercury in his home sign of Gemini the brain is really cooking now, and if we add Venus our love, our desire in the upfront sign of Aries we have a recipe for some aggressive chatter in all relationships. We want to be heard, women will need to speak up, love and relationship issue could be going through the gauntlet this month.  The Sun our vitality, ego, our selfhood bumps into Uranus. Uranus is everything unexpected, weird, unusual, we could have one of the moments where you wish you had a camera rolling, or that no one will believe come Wednesday when the pair lock eyes. The Moon is full of energy after last week eclipse and is growing in light. On Friday she will bring some easy assistance to Mars and Jupiter from her home sign of the cranky crab. The Moon then is force-fed to Leo the magnificent, and must deal with Saturn the task master, and Uranus the liberator. The weekend looks like it will be time to clean up. Jupiter will leave Pisces next week and put on his work boots in the sign of Aries, Mercury will go retrograde in Gemini. The weekend looks like a great day to get things in order and prepare for an exciting busy May, before it’s too late! 

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