Weekly Horoscope May 30th – June 5th

Weekly Horoscope May 30th – June 5th

Weekly Horoscope

This week’s horoscope sees the planet of communication and technology Mercury finding his way back on track and out of his retrograde. During this retrograde we might of experienced delays, malfunctions, or odd encounters with people from the past, Mercury digs up bones, finds old letters, and discover the roots to problems that may of been plaguing us. While Mercury is turning direct we have Saturn the planet of responsibility stationing and turning retrograde himself. When we have multiple moves at once in the sky we need to try to see the symbolism. Mercury and Saturn are currently in a square aspect with each other. A square aspect is when the planets are 90 degrees apart. A square aspect is of the nature of Mars, it causes frustrations, pushes us to action. We have Mercury about to push forward, and Saturn about to retrace. Mercury is our mind, our thought process, our plans, our business, Saturn is restriction, boundaries, structure. We might have to take a little more time to sort things out once Mercury starts moving forward. Maybe our mind is heavy with the new energy Mars and Jupiter brought. We could have a lot on our plate and its about to catch up with us. Saturn brings depression to the manic mind of Mercury, Saturn stubs the toes of quick witted trickster. Its seems as though Saturn has some news for Mercury himself, it’s that “not so fast” feeling. Saturn will be retrograde until October, when Saturn turns retrograde he is asking us to put in the hard work in the house he currently occupies. Saturn drops some heavy weight on our shoulders, he prepares for the future, he places the obstacles in front of us needed to grow. Every time we are forced to take a new direction, or when the welcome mat has worn out, it’s usually Saturn at the helm. Try to be flexible this week, try to calm the mind, we will escape the ropes of Saturn.

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